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Voxel Innovations featured on CNC Cookbook

Voxel Innovations strives to become a leader in pulsed electrochemical machining (PECM). A critical part of that mission involves teaching and informing individuals and businesses about the electrochemical machining process, as well as its capabilities. In general, the ECM process is not well known, is not taught in many universities, and is not readily available as a service in the United States. The team at Voxel is always happy to talk about and inform others on the non-conventional manufacturing process that is ECM.

Customer Spotlight

Bob Warfield is a well-known writer and machinist of the popular website CNC Cookbook. He offered to conduct interviews with some of the team at Voxel Innovations for a customer spotlight on his blog. Topics of discussion included the history of Voxel Innovations, how the business got started, basics of the PECM process, and some of the challenges faced. Although Mr. Warfield is well-versed in the manufacturing sector, the electrochemical machining process was new to him. This reaffirmed Voxel Innovations belief that continued education on this manufacturing process is paramount.

Why CNC Cookbook? What does it have to do with Voxel?

Voxel purchased GWizard, one of the products developed by Bob Warfield, when it expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include CNC milling. This software provides an easy method of determining feeds and speeds for milling. It takes into account the material, the cutter type, the depth of cut, the width of cut, and many other parameters. Using tool deflection as the ultimate deciding factor an RPM and rate of feed are recommended. This saves a ton of time and allows for efficient use of the milling equipment.

Unlike conventional machining methods, a standardized recipe or calculator does not exist for electrochemical machining. In addition, there is no standardized off-the-shelf tooling as it is feature or part dependent. The ECM process involves many processing parameters and it is heavily reliant on a knowledgeable team to develop the tooling and parameters required for each application. Although predictive simulations have been a focus of academic research for many years, no such solution exists. The team at Voxel Innovations is continually exploring new applications and is well-equipped to analyze of your needs to determine if it is well suited for the PECM process. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please reach out!

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