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Machining high-quality metal components using pulsed electrochemical machining (PECM). Discover Voxel's electrochemical machining services. 

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Pulsed electrochemical machining (PECM) is a non-contact, non-thermal advanced material removal process capable of small features, superfinished surfaces, and high repeatability for a range of metallic parts.  


Lockwashers created via electro chemical machining

Fast Processing

PECM can machine multiple features at the same time or multiple parts in parallel-- achieving high throughput even in tough or hardened materials.

Honeycomb substrate, with cutout formed by electro chemical machining

Stress-Free Machining

PECM is non-contact and non-thermal, imparting no stress into the workpiece, meaning we can work with thin walls or delicate features.

Smooth, reflective surface created by electro chemical machining

Pristine Surfaces

PECM results in a surface with no deposits, tool-marks, burrs, or heat affected zones. Surface roughness can be as low as .005-.2 μm Ra.


Aerospace manufacturing
Energy Industry
Medical Device Manufacturing
Other Industrial Manufacturing Applications



Discover the advantages, applications, and future of Voxel's unique pulsed electrochemical machining (PECM) technology on our education portal. 

electrochemical machining setup at Voxel Innovations

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