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Voxel is among the only electrochemical machining companies in North America, and is an innovator in developing pulsed electrochemical machining (also known as precision electrochemical machining, or PECM) technology to its fullest potential.


This advanced manufacturing process is unrivaled in its ability to quickly and accurately machine specialty metal alloys, without compromise to design complexity or quality.


These well-crafted metal alloys can be found in a variety of critical applications including orthopedic implants, surgical tools, jet engines, and industrial turbines.


We use PECM and related manufacturing technologies to supply critical, high-value parts to medical, aerospace, energy, and industrial customers.

Close-up of Voxel's equipment


Voxel wants to be the authority on PECM

Voxel Innovations seeks to be the authority on PECM, developing new electrochemical technologies and deploying those into a production environment.

We want to redefine PECM's limitations

We are humbly fascinated by PECM: we know and openly share its limitations, but we are driven to redefine those limitsThis process augments the machining industry in critical ways, and we are eager to impart its benefits to a widening set of customers.

Voxel experiments and grows on our knowledge

Our team is both knowledgeable and innovative, and we support them with a growth mindset that pervades our company culture. We experiment with new ideas and methods, go after the hard problems, and see them through until the end.

We engage in thoughtful discussions with customers

We engage our customers in real conversations starting early in the manufacturing process. Our focus on understanding the engineering and economic context of components empowers us to offer solutions that are tailored to our customer's core issues.


Daniel Herrington, Electrochemical Machining Visionary


Founder and CEO

Before founding Voxel, Daniel was a racecar driver in the IndyCar and Grand-Am series. After returning to grad school at Duke University, he worked for ARPA-E within the Department of Energy. In his spare time, Daniel can often be found on the volleyball or basketball court. 



Head of Operations

John has extensive quality and operations experience as a plant manager for Mohawk Industries, VP of Operations for Reichhold, and the Senior Director for Engineering and Quality for Anuvia Plant Nutrients. John also enjoys spending plenty of time outdoors with his wife.  

Dr. Omar Yepez, Principal Scientist


Principal Scientist

Dr. Yepez is an electrochemist with an extensive  background on corrosion science, having  worked with ConocoPhillips and Clariant. He has had his work published twelve times in international referee scientific journals. Outside of work, he loves to play chess and meditate.



Controls Engineer 

Kevin graduated with a master’s degree in Aerospace engineering, specializing in thermodynamics, from NCSU. He has several years of experience as a software developer, and most recently as a propulsion performance engineer for the US Navy. Kevin also knows how to fly several smaller aircrafts.   



Operations Technician

Torrey served in the US Navy for 8 years as a machinery repairman, ultimately transitioning to an engineering associate. Torrey then spent several years as a machine operator for Eaton corporation before coming to Voxel. Torrey is also passionate about music production and sound engineering.



Mechanical Engineer

Will was born and raised in Raleigh, receiving a degree in mechanical engineering at NCSU. Before, Will led a team of engineers, designers, and build staff at an OEM creating custom test equipment for the automotive and aerospace industries, specializing with precision powertrain components and machine integration.

Cosmo the Dog, he likes belly rubs.


Treat Accountant

Cosmo plays an integral role at Voxel Innovations. While lacking in professional experience, Cosmo compensates by improving employee morale whenever he visits the office. He also has the impressive ability to catch a treat mid-air. 

Natan Jackel, Senior Mechanical Engineer


Senior Mechanical Engineer

Natan is a talented mechanical engineer with previous experience in the automotive, dental, and additive manufacturing industries. Before working at Voxel, Natan worked with Formlabs to develop a powerful selective laser sintering 3D printer. When he’s not at work, Natan is at home tending to his dog, goats, and chickens.

Kirk Abolafia, Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager

Kirk has consulted businesses across the Carolinas developing marketing strategy. He has written articles about PECM for publications such as Orthopedic Design & Technology, American Machinist and Additive Manufacturing. Kirk is also conversational in Mandarin Chinese.  



Engineering Intern

Dillon is entering his junior year as a mechanical engineering student at NC State and is interning at Voxel for the summer. In his spare time, Dillon puts his engineering and creative passion to use by designing unique 3D printed gadgets. 

Paul Pela, Engineering Technician


Engineering Technician

Paul has an extensive background in CAD designing and CNC programming, working as a manufacturing engineer technician for over 20 years; fluent with a variety of CAD/CAM software. Paul will occasionally bring a delicious plate of kielbasa, pickles, and cheese to the office.  



Operations Technician

Kyle is a dedicated, enthusiastic operations technician with previous experience as a stereolithography specialist for Protolabs, where he assisted with pre and post-production 3D printed parts using CAD software. Kyle loves his two dogs and rooting for the Washington Commanders.



Operations Technician

Before joining Voxel, Eric specialized in stereolithography at Protolabs for several years, preparing new employees and utilizing CAD often. Eric has played the guitar for a decade, and has been playing the saxophone for an even longer period. 


VP of Sales, Engineering

We are currently hiring for a VP of Sales and a VP of Engineering. Please send a resume and cover letter to


Dr. Jeff Glass, electrochemical machining expert

Dr. Jeff Glass

Senior Associate Dean
Professor of Electrical Engineering Management

Duke University

Vice President of

Research & Development

Kobe Steel

Greg Morris, electrochemical machining expert


Co-Founder and CEO 

Vertex Manufacturing 
(now part of PrinterPrezz)

Co-Founder and CEO

Morris Technologies 
(now part of GE Aviation)


Mike Appleby

President and CEO
Mikro Systems 
(now part of Pratt & Whitney)

Manager of New Product Development at Thermo Electron Corporation

Paul Sansone, electrochemical machining supporter

Paul Sansone



Former CFO

The Boys & Girls Clubs

of America

Former CFO

Better World Books


Voxel strives to be the leader in electrochemical machining by developing a clear and concise understanding of our customers’ requirements and converting them into a reality.
We are committed to an atmosphere of continuous process improvement such that we repeatedly meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver products in a timely manner.


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Voxel's scientist, Dr. Yepez, works on a project.
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