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Voxel Innovations Featured in KUKA Robotics' Imagazine

To learn more about how PECM works, see our introductory article.

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We are proud to share our recent featured article in KUKA Robotics' Imagazine, their publication dedicated to sharing advancements and achievements in the world of robotics and automation. The article showcases our new fully-automated PECM production line, equipped with two KR SCARA units and a KR CYBERTECH (pictured).

PECM's lack of tool wear and ability to produce thousands of parts with high repeatability makes it especially well-suited to high-volume process of metal parts-- hence, a fully-automated, lights-out PECM production line.

Developing this automation system is part of Voxel's long-term plan of vertically integrating the unique machining process we offer customers-- pulsed electrochemical machining.


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