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Voxel: Who We Are & What We Do

Voxel Innovations is an advanced manufacturing company that specializes in applying next generation pulsed electrochemical machining (PECM) technology, sometimes referred to as precision electrochemical machining. Focusing on high-value metal components, Voxel Innovations enables new designs and improved performance in ways that are difficult or impossible with competing processes.

Stainless steel gear splines, approx 1" diameter according to pictured ruler. Formed with electrochemical machining.
Fig. 1: Stainless steel gear spline
Inconel 625 high temperature heat exchanger formed with electrochemical machining.
Fig. 2: Inconel 625 high temperature heat exchanger



When you contact us with a 3D model of your part, we review it for manufacturability and economics. This begins an ongoing conversation about how well our process fits your part, based on PECM’s strengths and weaknesses.


Nitinol bone fixture plate formed with electrochemical machining.
Nitinol bone fixture plate
  1. Tool and workpiece are positioned at a gap of <50um with electrolyte solution between.

  2. The electrode moves toward the workpiece and a pulsing DC current is applied.

  3. Flowing electrolyte removes hydrogen gas and dissolved metal from the gap.

  4. The workpiece is machined into the negative shape of the electrode tool.

  5. The resultant part is burr-free with no thermal effects and low surface roughness.

Contact us! We’re ready to exceed your expectations. | 984-464-0701

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